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Friday, May 27, 2011

A Jew hater by any other name....

The Vicious Babushka brought the ‘Global Peace Index 2001’ to my attention. The progressive Euroweanies apparently used a variety of factors to rate the relative peacefulness of other countries.

Now ask yourself what do Kuwait (29), United Arab Emirates (33), Egypt (73), Congo (98), Saudi Arabia (101), Ivory Coast (128), Syria (116), Iran (119), Bahrain (123), Lebanon (137), Yemen (138), Nigeria (142), and Libya (143) all have in common?

Each of these countries was deemed a far more peaceful society (both internally and externally) than Israel – ranked at 145. Israel is placed just somewhat above well-known war-torn hell holes like Afghanistan, Sudan, and Somalia.

I have to admit that it’s an impressive display of anti-Semitism wrapped up to be passed off as something else.

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