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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nothing says presidential… like foul-mouthed, threatening old people

At best, I though the Lena Dunham election ad was vulgar and crass. Besides, any sitting president who has to rely on commercial endorsement utilizing cheap and sleazy to earn a second mandate from the electorate after 4 years in office; really has no grasp of what constitutes ‘presidential’,and ergo, does not deserve to win a second term. At best, I thought the Lena Dunham ads would go down as the worst ever political ad for 2012.

My bad.

I forgot about Move On. This has to be the all-time worst political ad of all-time.

And ‘cockpunch’? Talk about having your Depends wrapped too tight around your arse. This kind of adolescent stupidity does not play well outside of the arrested political development stage many hard core lefties get stuck in. These types of ads will probably do more to push independent voters to cast for Romney than any other single speech, policy paper, article or even commercial that the Romney campaign could produce.

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