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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Memo to the Ontario Conservative Party

 I realize those who voted in Tim Hudak for Conservative party leader didn’t have much option given the candidates running for leadership, but for G-d’s sake;  stop letting him speak in public.  It’s fracking embarrassing every time he opens his mouth
Someone needs to point out to Hudak that suggesting public sector unions have ruined and/or run the Ontario economy is an entirely different argument than promoting the merits of small government.

I am all for developing the so-called ‘ring of fire’ but having development turned over to someone -  like say - the Chinese mining companies (The Federal Conservative’s Favourite Miners) will hardly put the Ontario economy back on track…and just because the Chinese have allowed pollution to run rampant and decimate their country is not a reason to allow the same to be done to our own.

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