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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

There is just something about Israel....

I was in Israel for the high holidays. Every time I go, I end up going somewhere different. This time I was in Ashkelon. The war had ended just a few weeks before. I did not tell my mother I was going, or where I was going to be before I left. Given that I live 1700 miles from my Mother it is relatively easy to get out of Dodge without her knowing. Oddly enough, at my age, I am still a child to my mother. The reason I did not tell her I was going was because she would beg me not to go. I know what she would say, it is what she always says, 'It's too dangerous, there was just another war, wait for peace and then go.' but for me, it is too dangerous not to go, and I will continue to go to Israel whenever the opportunity arises.

There is something truly odd but this place. I have never felt so safe as I do when I am there. When I am in Israel, I know I am home. I just regret that I did not come when I was young, but I did not, only because, when I was young, I listened my mother.

From Rafi at Life at Israel, I saw this clip. Daniel Gordis nails it. Now I really do have to buy his book on Menachem Begin.

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