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Monday, March 23, 2015

Progressivism; as a diagnosis

There is no sore loser like a progressive sore loser.  Of course, what would I know? I am a mezuzah kisser. 

Controversy over Amir Hetsroni’s comments has dominated Facebook and other online forums in Israel in recent days, after he made statements online after the election blaming the loss of the Zionist Union on Jews from the Muslim world and Asia. He also argued that if he could go back in time he would impose more stringent limits on immigration to Israel from such countries to prevent future Likud supporters from coming to Israel, adding that voting for the Right “is a sign of mental retardation.”

The controversy reached new height on Sunday however, after Hetsroni, who was dismissed by Ariel University in August 2014 for “inappropriate comments” because of statements he made on Facebook and elsewhere, was kicked off a morning show panel for offensive comments made about Sephardi and Mizrachi Jews. During the argument, a woman on the panel called Hetsroni a fascist, after which he said “all I said was that nothing bad would have happened if your parents had decided to stay in Morocco and rot there.” One of the show’s hosts, Yoav Limor, asked Hetsroni to apologize or leave, at which point he stood up and walked out.

As the controversy stormed on Sunday he vowed to leave Israel in the coming year. (Jpost)

Baruch HaShem to that, but really, since this is the ' Israeli leftwing' is it any wonder why the right took the vote?

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