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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dear Liberal Party; this is why ordinary Canadians despise your party

Politically, I am homeless. There is not a political party in this country where I can hang my hat. Although, I am conservative by nature, I am not a Harperite and believe the current Conservative Party of Canada has lost all trace of its roots and has morphed into the party of small thinkers and two-bit political hacks, who all too frequently, think nothing of selling out the entire country to keep their corporate cronies well feed at the expense of ordinary Canadians. While I am not an ecological ideologue, I am conservative by nature; I prefer to conserve and practice good husbandry towards all resources – both fiscal and natural. The Green party, while being more fiscally conservative than one would imagine, the actual membership bares the distinct smell of fringe, which often leaves one gasping for air. The NDP (aka as the party of Jack_____)well….the problem is there are far too many members who are to the left of Jack_____ and while the Green party has ‘fringe’, the Dippers have more than their fair share of angry wing-nuts - certainly much more than any mainstream political party deserves. That being said, there have been a number of very bright, dedicated dippers who have worked long and hard to improve the quality of life for their fellow Canadians. All of which brings me to the Liberal Party. Currently, the Liberal party is facing political Armageddon in Canada. The Liberals were a party of talent, with big and bold visions (even if they had to poach some of those ideas from other parties, they at least made those big ideas workable). The Liberal party was once fiscally conservative and socially responsible - much like most of the citizenry. While not all the Liberal ideas were bright ones, at least they could lay claim to creative thinking and intellectual talent. Now, the best the party can hope for, is that there is a 1968 Trudeaumania redux, so the party can score points with the Canadian electorate for recycling the next generation of 'Trudeau' since outsourcing the leadership didn’t connect with Canadian voters. Once, I had a passing thought about joining the Liberals, with an eye to helping the party move to the right, but then, these things happen and I am reminded why the Liberal party had to go into political purgatory. The Toronto Star
OTTAWA—A Liberal senator was still at work — casting her vote along party lines a dozen times — four months after a geriatric psychiatrist declared her legally incompetent due to her worsening struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. Liberal Senator Joyce Fairbairn, 72, has been receiving round-the-clock care for a year and a half due to her declining health from dementia and will not return to Ottawa for the time being, according to a letter her niece, Patricia McCullagh, sent to Senate officials earlier this month. The letter, dated Aug. 13, says that a geriatric psychiatrist signed a declaration of incompetence for Fairbairn sometime in February and that in April, McCullagh and Leonard Kuchar, chief of staff to Liberal Senate Leader James Cowan, co-signed a power of care that made them agents acting on her behalf. Senate attendance records show that Fairbairn regularly attended sittings in the Upper Chamber after being declared incompetent, missing seven sitting days between February and the end of session in June.
We can all make cheap quips about the so-called sanity of our political class but very few meet the bar by being legally declared mentally incompetent.Senator Fairbairn met and passed that bar, through no fault of her own. There was only one honourable course of action available to the Liberal Senate leadership once it learned the status of Senator Fairbairn’s mental health. Instead, the Liberal Senate leadership chose the most despicable and morally bankrupt course of action available by choosing to ignore and exploit the Senator's condition. Thereby, turning our system of governance into merely a game of partisan one-upmanship. These liberals sent a big 'fuck-you' to even single Canadian in the country.

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