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Friday, November 23, 2012

The Unions - the Last Bastian of hope for Canadians

There are many days, when I really have to wonder, if the Federal Conservative Party of Canada realizes its mandate is to represent and act in the best interest of Canadians - rather than the best interest of corporations?  I understand where the confusion could lie -  as ‘Canadians’ and ‘Corporations’ both start with ‘C’ but…when the government has to use the law to attempt to protect the interests of foreign ‘corporate entities’ rather than safeguard the rights of Canadian citizens…well, Baruch HaShem to Union for safeguarding the interests of Canadian workers. (Toronto Star)

VANCOUVER—The federal government was ordered Thursday to turn over to two B.C. trade unions the permits it granted up to 300 Chinese miners to see whether those jobs could have been done by Canadian workers.

In a decision late Thursday in federal court, Judge Douglas Campbell awarded the two unions access to the Labour Market Opinions, the federal government term for the temporary work permits that allows foreign workers to come to Canada. Federal lawyers had argued against releasing the LMOs because of concerns that allowing the permits to be made public could open the floodgates to wide access. They said the permits could provide information that could violate privacy and raise competition issues for the companies that wanted to bring in workers.

HD Mining International Ltd., Canadian Dehua International Mines Group and Huiyong Holdings B.C. sided with the federal government in arguing the trade unions should not have access to those permits.

The permits will allow 200 to 300 miners from China to come to northern B.C. to work at the Murray River Coal Mine near Tumbler Ridge. Already about a dozen miners from China have arrived to do preliminary surveillance work and another 60 were scheduled to be in Canada by mid-December.

And for those who have short memories –go back and read this – and the links.…it used to be that any ‘patriot’ acting in a manner which betrays the interest of one’s country was not something anyone aspired to do…but apparently, this is business as usual in Conservative Canada.


  1. I see your point K.Shoshana, but....
    I've actually been to Tumbler Ridge.

  2.'s amazing what happens when you stop paying attention. I'm currently working in a job that might be listed as something *Canadians won't do*. In this economy, most of us will do just about anything and that still isn't enough.
    It's been a long time since I've done the rounds and visited my favourite blogs... you're top of the list btw. Will have to come back over the next few days and see what I've been missing. Didn't even know you'd moved lol. :)

  3. Canadianna, you are always welcome...

    I think the 'jobs' Canadians/Americans/Whoever/ thingy is one of those urban myths on the whole... or perhaps it's code for I cannot find anyone to accept less than minimum wage for a job.