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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why Canadian Unions Rock.

In the wake of Sandy and the US election lead-up and results most Canadians probably missed this story, and yet, the outcome of this story has the potential to have a profound influence on our every day lives.

The size of the foreign guest workers program has exploded exponentially under the patronage of the federal Conservative Party of Canada. This has been literally the ‘goose’ which shits solid gold eggs for businesses seeking to exploit an endless source of cheap labour rather than pay minimum wage and hire unemployed Canadians.

And don’t bother to repeat the ‘jobs Canadians won’t do’ mantra to me. When the ability to speak ‘mandarin’ becomes a required job skill for an experienced miner working in Canada – the argument has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous.

I am not sure how much longer as a country we can afford to allow the Tories guest worker program to continue to operate in this country.  Lucky for us, there is still a group of patriots willing to push back against corporate vampirism in Canada – even if – it is now being promoted by the federal government which is blatantly against the interests of the citizens of this country.  As for me, in this case, I stand entirely behind the Union – the Canadian Unions - and am seriously hoping they stake some serious corporate hearts over this one.

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