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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Only in Canada

My Sabra is back in Israel and called me on Skype and asked me what he has missed.  I was telling him about the Rob Ford crack scandal. My Sabra just could not get his head around the fact that the mayor would choose to willingly smoke crack with Somalians. Twenty years in this country and he has yet to understand the subtleties of being Canadian, Then it struck me just how quintessential Canadian this story is – in an ‘only in Canada’ type way.

What other ‘wasp’ mayor in any North American – or even European city – would allegedly be caught on tape smoking crack with street level  Somalian drug dealers?  Even former Washington Mayor Marion Berry did not smoke crack with Somalians.

And only Canadian Somalian crack dealers would think they could hawk a video of the mayor of Toronto getting his jones on and think it’s worth $100-200,000.00.  Obama – Rob Ford is not but obviously you cannot tell that to Somalians who think they have struck gold.

You know who should be pissed off – besides Ford? The Jamaican drug dealers in Toronto. For decades it has been alleged that Jamaican posses have run the street level crack trade but the mayor chose to boycott them and hang with the Somalians.

 If I was a Jamaican, wait – I have Jamaican citizenship – let me rephrase this – if I were a Jamaican crack dealer I would be feeling pretty smug and  downright vindictive about now.  There is no way a Jamaican would ever be caught on taping the mayor getting his fix on as Jamaican drug dealers do not do video.

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  1. "Jamaican drug dealers do not do video" If the money's good, they may start :-)