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Monday, July 20, 2015

Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.

Of all the Israeli journalists currently working and writing; it’s Sarah Honig, who is the one I most admire – her grasp on history and current events is really quite unparalleled for modern journalists – even Israeli ones. Forget Avi Shavit, any book Honig writes will be worth your time, besides any publisher will be able to publish her work in Hebrew without worrying about gettingtheir ass sued from here to the world to come.   If I have one criticism of her, it is this; she needs to write more books! She does have a collection of her published columns out found in one book, but I would love to see her to tackle an in-depth biography on any of Israel’s Prime Ministers.

I always learn something new from any column Honig writes and Shamelessly raring to go is no exception:

Siemens claimed to have been obliged by old contracts which only involved sectors not covered by the sanctions. Still, the Stuxnet virus – which damaged Iranian centrifuges for enriching uranium and which was widely attributed to Israel – ended up attacking Siemens components. This fact alone should constitute ample food for thought.

 Iranian financial gains amount to over a billion US dollars, I suspect this largess will be filling the coffers of Russian, French and Chinese military manufacturers, with enough to spread around to arm Iranian proxies in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.  If were a betting woman, I would place a bet that  there will be a major Iranian airplane deal with any of the P5+1 nations to bring Iran’s badly degraded air force up to first world standards sometime in the next year.  Woe is Yisrael, if America wins that contract.

This AP report in theKomon News suggests Boeing and Airbus are already bidding at the trough.

 TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran's president has pointed to another possible windfall from the nuclear deal with world powers - his country may soon be able to buy badly needed new planes for its aging fleet, the official IRNA news agency reported. Iran's Transportation Minister Abbas Akhoundi has said there have been talks with Boeing and Airbus and that initial agreements will likely come in a few months' time.

"We will provide new aircraft for Iran," Akhoundi said.

Last month at the Paris Air Show, Akhoundi said Iran was prepared to spend about $20 billion to purchase about 400 new planes over the next decade. Iran President Hassan Rouhani said Iranian negotiators came away from the talks in Vienna with "achievements beyond the nuclear" agreement and succeeded in having "aviation sanctions removed." His remarks were carried by the official IRNA news agency late Wednesday.

So I won that bet with myself sooner than I expected. It’s probably the one bet I would have gladly eaten crow over.  More importantly, it is time for the Israelis to start the long arduous shiva process and bring about an end to all military cooperation with the United States. 

Forget Congress, the bagmen of the US economy will win, even if one scores a Pyrrhic victory in the US Congress.  It is time to face facts; the so-called special relationship has ended, even if most ordinary Americans remain senseless of the tectonic shift which has occurred beneath their feet, whereby their government is lining up to support the reign of the Mad Mullahs.  And Woe is, all the American Jews who placed their faith and trust in Obama, rather than Klal Yisrael.


  1. Revelations about nasty underside of this deal keep on coming - at this point, nothing much surprised me but it does anger and sicken me. It amazes me that Obama is so pro-Muslim and anti-Israel that he would throw both Muslims living under dictatorships and Israelis under the bus for this so-called deal.

    Sarah Honig - I subscribe to her column. A lady who knows a lot and pulls no punches.

  2. I am not sure he is 'anti-Israel' in a traditional way, rather the Israel he admires is long gone - the socialist kibbutznik past...the Jews he thinks he knows so well - are American Reform which really are very different from the rest of us. My former long-term Sabra partner grew up in that era, and being yemenite, well, let us say this, he still gets teary when he hears Menachem Begin speak. I have to run, Shabat Shalom Nancy...