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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Everything comes to those who Glick

In June 2015, JJ Goldberg ran a hit piece on Caroline Glick and what he believed was her over the top rhetoric at the Jerusalem Post Conference in New York. 

JJ Goldberg in the Forward
Amid all the fuss over Treasury Secretary Jack Lew getting heckled at the Jerusalem Post Conference in New York on June 7, you might have missed the day’s biggest bombshell. 

I refer to the nasty smackdown that morning between Post columnist Caroline Glick, the poison-pen darling of the pro-Israel far right, and two of the most storied figures in Israeli security, former Mossad director Meir Dagan and former military chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi.

It happened during a panel discussion on the Iranian nuclear threat. Dagan, Ashkenazi and two other generals who shared the stage all argued that a negotiated agreement is preferable to military action. Then came Glick. Recalling her longtime advocacy of a military strike, she voiced “worry that some of the men on the panel with me have believed we could rely on America.” Then she tore into Dagan and Ashkenazi. Her charge: The two had caused the current crisis in Israel’s international relations — and cleared Iran’s path to a bomb — by refusing an order in 2010 to prepare the military for an attack.

What Goldberg never tells about former Mossad Director Meir Dagan and former military chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi is, both men expected their service in their respective posts to be extended rather than terminated once their term of office expired.  

Yesterday, came the big reveal of the Ehud Barak tapes. One time Prime Minister and/ former Minister of Defense is caught up a dispute with his Hebrew biographers, and in a fit of pique, they released the tapes. The tapes justify Glick's accusations Dagan and Ashkenazi.


  1. WOW! Well, truth will out as my grandfather used to say

  2. I really don't know much about Canada and less about Quebec but is this law going to be a serious concern? A law forbidding any criticism of Muslims? If it passes, looks like Canada - or Quebec at least - has given Muslims more power to stifle any criticism of their actions.

    1. I really haven't paid much attention to Quebec's Bill C59 as Quebec has 'special' status in Canada. Most of us just ignore anything going on in Quebec.

      Anyway, the legislation would only apply to Quebec, and not the rest of the country but I suppose there are always ways to backdoor it into other jurisdictions.... I fully expect if it passes, and that is a big 'if', it will probably be challenged and struck down. Or at least the particular free speech provisions. There is a great deal of opposition to the bill but trust a Liberal government to craft horrendously bad law.

      In Canada, there is no absolute right of free speech/opinion equal to the US 1st Amendment. Hate Speech provisions already come under the Criminal Code, but given that the so-called 'human rights tribunes' operate at such a low bar in every province so it becomes cheap and easy to bring the most frivolous motions before them.