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Monday, October 12, 2015

Everyone knows

If you were to search to find articles discussing whether home demolitions of suicide bombers were an effective strategy against terrorism you will find countless articles all saying the practice was ineffective, and consequently, the Israeli military abandoned wide-spread home demolitions around 2006.

The original military study was highly flawed in methodology and used an incredibly small and narrow sample but the conclusions were widely championed by not only by the Israeli left but by progressives world wide.  

Regardless, the political sphere in Israel, has taken up home demolitions of any Palestinian engaged in terror in recent years for horrendous acts of terror commited by Palestinians against Israeli civilians in around 2010.

In May 2014, Hebrew University, released a much larger and comprehensive study on the practice of punitive home demolitions, and concluded, that a decrease in terrorism resulted.

 So my point being, what everyone is alleged to know, is often wrong.

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