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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Guitar Tales

What is more powerful than a young man and a dream? Apparently, a mitzvah. As Jews, we are commanded, to perform the law. One of the greatest of all mitzvots is the obligation of Tzedakah. In English, this is often translated as the giving of charity, but the root of the word means righteousness and justice. To give Tzedakah is to bring forth acts of righteousness and justice into the world. This is why, the giving of Tzedakah is an obligation on all Jews, even poor Jews must perform acts of Tzedakah. The two of highest forms of Tzedakah are to give anonymously or to enable the recipient to become self-reliant with the act of giving of Tzedakah.

This is a story of how a single random act of kindness by a stranger transformed the life of a young man with a dream.

(h/t Rafi at Life in Israel)

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