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Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Scent of Women

Much has been written, (well not at first, but in the last two weeks) about the events on New Year's Eve in Cologne, Germany, Austria, Sweden and Finland. Apparently, the number of women attacked in Cologne, stands at 821, and as horrific as that is, the reality is much darker.

A bombshell dossier lifted the lid on the shocking failures of officers to protect women being groped and raped by rampaging refugees during the horrific attacks on New Year's Eve.  

It reveals how police waited more than four hours to take action against the migrants perpetrating the horrific sexual assaults - by which time more than 200 attacks including gang rapes had already taken place.The damning report, compiled by Germany's Interior Minister Ralf J├Ąger, will fuel growing anger over authorities' handling of the Cologne sex attacks amid suspicions politically correct authorities wanted to cover up the crimes to protect Angela Merkel's open door immigration policy. 

Shockingly it reveals how weeping women ran to officers for sanctuary as early as 8.30pm on the night to tell them they had been sexually assaulted by gangs of migrants. Express UK
Such multitudes will inevitably contain criminals and psychopaths, as in every human population. It is equally inevitable that the behaviour of the latter will be amplified by regular and social media. But we cannot so easily dismiss the gross misbehaviour of migrants and asylum-seekers in Germany and elsewhere a few weeks ago. The sheer scale of these incidents, the organized nature of them, the demonstration of male entitlement conveyed, served to inflame an always-festering stereotype—the perennial bugaboo of the Other as sexual monster. We think of the Southern American preoccupation with supposed Black threats to the “purity” of white women. And we are reminded of Hitler’s own racial obsessions:
“The dark-haired Jewboy lurks in ambush for hours, satanic joy upon his face, for the unsuspecting girl, whom he poisons with his blood, thus stealing her from her people.” Then again he tells of the “rape of hundreds of thousands of girls by bow-legged repulsive Jew-bastards.” And another time: “These dark parasites on our people deliberately rape our inexperienced young blonde girls and thus destroy something which cannot be replaced in this world.”

This sort of thing never lies far beneath the surface, and the New Year’s events were more than sufficient to permit them to burst forth once again. The defensive posture of the police and some media did not help matters, feeding fears of conspiracy among the tinfoil helmet set. It seems almost naive simply to insist that the law be applied, and that the wrongdoers be prosecuted no matter what their ethnicity or citizenship status might be. It is also obvious that the vast majority of asylum-seekers and migrants were likely as appalled by this loutishness as you and I are.

Gross misbehaviour? Loutishness? What happened New Years Eve in Cologne and other European cities wasn’t a question of being ill-mannered and can be easily remedied with a few sensitivity sessions run by the state. 

Let me assure you, and I am speaking as a woman; women don’t want to be raped or molested in the public square because we fear potentially ‘diluting’ our race.  

Funny how it’s only 'rape culture'  when the perpetrators are white western males.

Two Hundred sexual assaults lodged by 8:30pm and the German police did not think to put out a public announcing warning women of an imminent threat to their person? Of course, to do so might have been seen 'to inflame an always-festering stereotype - the perennial bugaboo of the Other as sexual monster'. 

And I really have to question just how obvious it is that the vast majority of asylum seekers were appalled by this. Where is the proof? I would like to believe Dawg is right but I see scant evidence of this. We have the Imam of a Cologne mosque stating the victims brought it on themselves by the way the women dressed and the fact they wore perfume in public. 

Then there is the very progressive mayor of Cologne saying women need to be sensitive to the culture of the asylum seekers and watch our dress and keep men at least one arm’s length away. What's next? We cover up in the chador in public, ride women only trains, taxis and buses? Not leave home without a male relative to escort us? 

That Cologne crowd numbered in the thousands, and yet, men did not overwhelming come to the aid of the women trying to run the gauntlet between the Cathedral and the train station. The few men, and I do mean few men, who tried were beaten by the mob. 

The vast majority of asylum seekers come from some of the most misogynistic, homophobic and racist cultures. The vast majority of asylum seekers are not fleeing to escape the misogyny, racism or homophobic elements of their culture. And if the Imam of Cologne is typical, well then, I suspect, the vast majority are quite okay with those bits of their culture. 

A Women of the World article puts the PC culture in perspective. 

Any discussion of the collective sexual assaults as ethnically, racially and ideologically motivated is off limits. “I am sad but not surprised,” Alice Schwarzer, the leading second-wave German feminist, and editor of magazine told Women in the World.

“Many feminists have remained silent from the outset regarding the problem of Islamist agitation, out of fear they will be accused of racism. It’s the old hierarchy of victims, that we already knew in [the student protests of] 1968. Then it was called class struggle before the battle of the sexes. Today it is called anti-racism against feminism.

“It is unfortunately a fact that many of the so called ‘post-feminist’ Internet feminists who are for pornography and prostitution are in favor of the head scarf and even the burqa. They say this is all about the free choice of women But this individualistic reasoning ignores the importance of underlying political structures.”

Schwarzer, who works in Cologne, became a lightning rod for feminist and anti-racist anger after New Year’s Eve when she condemned the attacks on women as a “gang bang” designed to terrorize women. In self-defense, however, Schwarzer says she never sought to ignore the fact that there is “a problem with epidemic, structural violence against women in Germany, as anywhere in the world”. 

“Violence is always the dark core of domination, whether it is between ethnic groups, or between different peoples or between the sexes. We feminists have successfully fought this violence over the past 40 years. Today the victims know it is not them but the perpetrators who must be ashamed. However the crime scene on New Year’s Eve seems very strange, because in Germany we have never seen this before: mass sexual violence in public with a powerless police looking on. This is a whole new dimension. “I think this explosion of sexual violence on the same night in five countries and in a dozen cities is no coincidence. This is organized.”

Her unflinching approach has nothing to do with scapegoating a religion, and everything to do with ideology, the feminist insists. “I’m not talking about Muslims, or Islam as a faith. I’m talking about the politicization of Islam, the right-wing Islamism, whose banner is the veiling of women. This started in Iran in 1979 with Khomeini, and (elsewhere) it has been financed by Saudi Arabia. The Islamists firmly established themselves in Afghanistan and Chechnya (with introduction of Sharia law in 1994), Algeria (200,000 dead in the 1990s) and are now are arriving triumphant in the heart of Europe.

So yeah, Dr. Dawg, we are entering the Camp of the Saints territory, and you were warned.

But progressives were too busy singing Imagine and picturing the world without borders to care about anything other than the "Other".   

But oh me, oh my, 'What is to be done?", barks the Dawg.

What a farce of a question. 

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