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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Stumping for the Donald or Why America in an Election Cycle is the Greatest Show on Earth.

No country has anything like it. Enter the Stump for Trump Girls - Diamond and Silk.

On Hillary Clinton:

On Megyn Kelly:

On National Review and the GOP establishment: Meet the Red, White and Blue:

Much is made of the hold that the Democratic Party has on the African American community, and in order for any Democratic Nominee to win the Presidency, it requires the African American community to turn out for the Democratic Nominee but what if they do not?

I wasn't sure if the "Sisters" were creating parody videos until I starting searching You Tube. Apparently, The Black Trump phenomena is alive, well and stumping for the Trump.

Donald J. Trump, not just for angry old white people anymore. It's at times like these, that I can say, from the bottom of my heart: G-d bless America.


  1. The American election (never ending)cycle is both fascinating and boring all at the same time.
    Recently, at a conference, there was an American speaker who was saying...
    "I was amazed! at your Canadian election!"
    "6 weeks!" Yer done! I couldn't believe it!"

    Personally, I am not a Trump fan, but I can see why he is so popular.

  2. Its Jacksonian politics at its finest. I understand about not being a fan, but at the same time I find myself unable to look away. You know, Trump has struck me as a reincarnated Huey Long, and I can't help but wonder if the Donald will share Long's fate.

  3. Well, if Trump shares Long's fate, I would be checking the ballistics and shell casings for Clinton's fingerprints.
    I see what you mean about being unable to look away, like a long, slow, train wreck.

  4. If Trump shares Long's fate, its just not the Clintons' fingerprints you need to take, but Koch Bros, Soros, National Review staff....