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Monday, June 8, 2015

A Jew and a Democrat

 At the Jerusalem Post Annual conference in New York City, US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew got heckled, boo’d, and in a less civilized era and place, he might have run the risk of being tarred, feathered and  run-off the stage.  

The Jerusalem Post carried an editorial moaning the less than positive reception Lew met in the audience and attempted to build a case for by listing Lew’s record as a tireless advocate for Israelis in his long public service career, but seriously, when you come before Kol Yisrael, as the Court Jew for one of the mostly openly anti-Israeli American Administrations; what do you expect would happen? 

 Unfortunately some are unable to distinguish between a close friend of Israel and the temporary impasse over the Iran issue. The animosity and anger directed toward Lew by a minority of the conference audience reflected not only the passion raised by the issue, but the blindness and misguided hatred that rigid ideology can bring to the table.

To trivialize and characterize the division between Kol Yisrael and the Obama White house as just a difference of opinion regarding the handling of the Iranian Nuclear program is to deny reality. The last six years of Obama Administration has been one of the most openly hostile US Administrations in the history of American relations to Israel.  

The real issue facing the American Diaspora, is that there will soon come a time, when they will forced to choose between being a Jew or a Democrat. And when that day comes, it will have nothing to do with the Republicans or the Palestinians. 

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