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Monday, December 31, 2012

Todah Code PInk, and baruch haShem the BDS movement.

I love sparkling water but I had no idea I could drink it anytime I wanted without having to lug homes cases of sparking water home beforehand. 

I never heard of Soda Stream until Code Pink and the BDS movement started to stage protests against the company. Soda Stream's big crime is to locate their factory in Mishor Adumin - and industrial park of Ma'ale the disputed territories.

Soda Stream's big crime is being an Israeli company giving gainful employment to Israelis and Palestinians. There is no evidence Soda Stream mistreats any workers....but its the 'occupation'  - and, let's face it - denying the Palestinians an opportunity for another staged photo-opt of starving Palestinians is absolutely criminal....not to mention downright Zionistic!

I forgot to bring back a machine from Israel last spring. I asked My Sabra to bring me back one when he returned in September but he refused - on the grounds that he was already carrying far too much - what with his personal possessions, two giant size negillas for the boys, a few pounds of flavoured tobacco, kilos of coffee, nuts, frest halvah and my perfumes - as it was -  he still had to pay outrageous excess luggage charges..

I thought he had completely forgotten...anyway, just before the first night of Chanukah, My Sabra hurt his back carrying in cases of sparkling water...but by the last night of Chanukah Sabra presented me with a dozen roses and a Soda Stream - in red - and I have never been happier with a present.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Learning to plow...

My Sabra got a  ‘snow plow’ contract for the winter.   

I had to teach him to show to say ‘snow plow’ in ‘Angleet’.  What was even funnier -  was listening to him on Skype trying to explain to his family in Rishon Lezion what a ‘snow plow’ does.

So far, Toronto Centre of the Universe, has yet to have any snow that did not melt immediately upon hitting the ground. Yesterday it was 16C.  Mt. Hermon, in the Golan Heights has gotten its first snow of the season….

This picture was taken last year so maybe there are opportunities for snow plow companies in Israel---kind of, sort of, maybe?