Life is Belief & Struggle - Ahmed Shawqi

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Patrick Brown is just like Herpes, just when you think relief is at hand, it flares up again.

I have to admit, Patrick Brown, creeps me out and always did.  I had an instinctual visceral dislike of the man.  My first reaction was to his election to the provincial conservative candidate was Jesus Christ, not again.  Nobody can pick losers like the Ontario Tories.   This is why the Liberals keep winning elections but the Ontario Tory brain trust just haven’t figured that out yet.   

Watching the post election behavior of Patrick Brown just left me with a bad taste in my mouth. And that people’s guarantee nonsense. Let me point it this way, if you will stab a third of your base in the back; why wouldn’t you stab me?  I admit, as long as Brown was the Tory leader I wasn’t voting for him. It is not that I wanted another Wynne term but what was the alternative? You need to give me a reason to vote and I admit I was willing to sit out this election until… the ‘sex’ scandal broke.

I admit I was shocked as I really thought Brown was the most likely candidate to come out of the closet a la Jim McGreevy style with a full court press.  Allegedly plying young women with alcohol in order to have sex with them definitely fit the Brown vibe I was feeling and was/is totally believable.  Not illegal, but nonetheless, it is still morally reprehensible behaviour.

You would have thought that Brown would have figured it out - since the Tories have been ‘leaderless’ they are now  way, way ahead in the polls, but no, he keeps coming back.  Party membership scandal, Rick Dykstra scandal, allegedly selling riding nominations, and now this. His party doesn’t want him, the voters of this province sure as hell never wanted him, but he keeps coming back. 

Just like herpes. 

I will be willing to vote for Christine Elliott or even Doug Ford since neither candidate can be worse than Wynne, but not Mulroney.  One Mulroney is more than enough for any country, and hell no for Patrick Brown.  

In fact, now I am motivated to vote against both Wynne and potentially Brown.  If I have to I will mark an  ‘X’ for Andrea Horwath and then go live in the backwoods of New Brunswick with my mother. And trust me, living with my mother, that's desperate.