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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Prime Minister's Office statement: "The government made this decision because we do not believe Canadians should be forced, under threat of fines, jail, or both, to disclose extensive private and personal information."

I agree with the Prime Minister.  But that was then, this is now; The TorontoStar circa – January 2013.

Audrey Tobias passed the war memorial on her careful walk up the snowy stone steps of Old City Hall on Wednesday morning.  She is 88 and a war veteran. She came to court to fight for peace and answer for her crime: refusing to fill out the 2011 census form.

No one should ever be prosecuted for failure to fill and/or return census data in Canada for any reason…and yet, apparently the country is now run contrary to the Prime Minister’s publicly stated position and we prosecute 88 year old war veterans for failure to return a completed Census form. Talk about a Liebral in Conservative clothing.