Life is Belief & Struggle - Ahmed Shawqi

Saturday, January 10, 2015

At a time when French Jews are fleeing France at levels not since the Vichy Government....

The word chutzpah is often mistranslated to characterize someone exhibiting ‘nerve’ or ‘gall’ but chutzpah is more than just galling or nervy behaviour.  

 Think of a thief who calls the police to lay a complaint that someone has stolen his own illicit stash of ill-begotten loots. That’s chutzpah.

Applied to the world stage, a  man who wrote a doctoral thesis steeped in holocaust denial and is rumoured to be the bag man who helped finance the PLO’sterror attack at the 1972 Munich Olympics against the Israeli Olympic team attending a French anti-terror march - now that’s real chutzpah.